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Vertical v Horizontal Breathing

One of the first things that I check in on with clients who are just beginning a breathing practice is having them determine if they are a vertical or a horizontal breather. Not sure which one you are? Watch to find out!

Reasons for Horizontal Breathing Patterns

While we want to navigate away from being a vertical breathing pattern, it's important to consider the factors that may have led us here. Watch the video to find out more about the impact of stress, anxiety, technology, and workplace demands on our breath.

What's the Diaphragm?

For many of us it's important to move from being a clavicular breather to a diaphragmatic breather. Watch the video to see the difference between the two and where the breath really belongs.

Moving From Reactionary to Responsive

Beyond the mechanics of breathing, one of my favorite changes that I see as a result of developing a practice of breath is how we learn to respond to outside stressors. Watch the video to see how to move from reactionary to responsive. 
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