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Lindsay Drennen holds a Master’s of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, is a certified Health and Wellness coach, a certified Applied Behavior Analyst as well as an XPT certified breathwork coach.  Lindsay has spent her professional career helping others to find balance and become the best version of themselves. Through a unique blend of therapeutic, behavioral, wellness and breathwork approaches Lindsay is excited to help guide clients through their health and wellness journey. In her practice Lindsay aims to support the whole individual and through a variety of avenues aims to Inspire Wellness.

"Let's stop reaching for external things to fix internal misunderstandings"

Brian McKenzie




How can we use our breath to enhance our ability to manage stress, better adapt to our environment and develop an unbreakable mindset?

Through a comprehensive assessment of breathing mechanics clients will:

  • Become more familiar with improper breathing patterns

  • Learn more about your central nervous system and how to use breath as a way to manage and mitigate stress and anxiety

  • Learn more about the impact of CO2 and regain control of your body

  • Gain an understanding of how breath can be used as tool for sole-regulation.

  • Develop breathing protocols that work for your lifestyle + your goals




An integral part of a journey to wellness is movement. For many, the gym can be an intimidating place to be. Inspire Wellness clients are guided every step of the way with a training program designed specifically for them. Your training will take place at the South Bay's premiere training facility The Blueprint LA. Voted 2020 Best Gym in the South Bay, BPLA + Inspire Wellness have similar missions and approaches to health, wellness. 

Clients can choose from 1:1 or small group training sessions.

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What would it look to consistently be able to adapt to your surroundings? What would it look like to manage your stress and anxiety? What would it look like to become the best, most resilient version of yourself?


Through a blend of breath education, movement, and breathwork protocols, participants of the Wellness Project will:

  • Develop awareness of breathing patterns

  • Gain a knowledge of the role of O2 and CO2 in the body

  • Learn about the importance of nasal breathing

  • Discover which breathing protocols work best for them


If you are looking for a community based program that fosters education, connectedness, and empowerment this is the program for you and your group.

The Wellness Project




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